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Located just 2.5 miles from the Galleria, GDL is a library dedicated to providing the resources for geologists to succeed! 

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Geological Data Library opened in 1979 and is the official depository for Rice University, University of Houston, and Texas A&M! Since then, GDL has aided in the transformation of data into useful information providing computerized access to logs, production data, drilling records, and more!

The library was designed to assist geologist both local and long distance. Members can access many of GDL's data bases remotely by email or phone. GDL's professional geotech's will assemble data for courier, shipping, or pickup. 



Main: (713) 658-0033

Fax: (713) 658-0401



6213 Skyline Drive
Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77057



M-F 8a–5p
Sa-Su Closed


GDL Services

GeoGraphix and SMT Workstations

Texas and South Louisiana Logs

412,000+ Archived Logs

Donated Rare Logs (1" and 5")

  • Chevron - All East Texas
  • Goldking/DeNovo - TX and LA
  • Mecom - Unreleased Logs
  • Mesa - 30,000+ logs
  • Mobil-South Louisiana
  • Mosbacher - Many Unreleased
  • Northwind - 20,000+ logs TX and LA
  • Sinclair - 180,000+ logs

Private Work Area's for Geoscientists

P2 Energy Lease Maps

P2 Base Maps

Louisiana Hearing Records and Maps

Geological Maps

Countless Directories, Professional Journals, and Publications

Computer - Log Search, Drilling Reports, Production Reports with graph's, etc. 

Neurolog, Neuromap, and Neurosection

Geotech Services


Production - Lasser
TX RRC Districts 1-10 and LA

Scout Tickets 
1 Million+ for TX and LA

Historic Scout Tickets
Kilroy, Lyons, Monsanto, Pure, Skelly, Sun, Superior, Tenneco, and Transwestern.

Drilling Reports
Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and more!

Conference Rooms

Draftsman (in house)


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Our Office

6213 Skyline Drive, Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77057

P:713 658 0033

F: 713 658 0401